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Mass Effect 4 Wishlist and Blacklist

PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 3:50 am
by soap
I loved the Mass Effect series, I really got into the universe and had a blast, the 3 games where pretty much the same thing 3 times, but I still had lots of fun, and enjoyed them greatly.

So much I think Mass Effect is my 2nd or 3rd Favorite Sci-Fi. Star Trek probably being my first or Dune, hard to choose, then Mass Effect, and what not. Star Wars classics (not the new stuff)

Anyhow, they say the story of Shepard is over but that can't stop them from making Mass Effect 4, so what would you guys like to see and not see?

My Wishlist
- Set During the 3 games, so you could actually hear about Shepard.
- Same gametype, TPS-RPG
- Very few cameo's and lots of new interesting characters.
- Interaction with all the established races.
- Being able to play as another race then human, that would be cool
- The same amount of sexiness, no more, maybe a bit less is ok. (return of the ground breaking video game camel-toe!)
- If they put romance options make it more in dept, like more believable and more interactive, I felt the only realistic romance was when Samara turns you down, I'd do it 100 times over, but it's closes to reality, barely know anyone, "fall in love" *cough*. More like, "Samara lets just do it" "no" :shrug:

- Fighting the Reapers, that's over, plz something new.
- The Geth being dead. If it's post ME3 I hope the geth will still be alive, I really would have to learn more about them, legion was great.

Ok that's all I can think of for now, I'll add more of others come to mind, yeah it's really simple ideas, but honestly I'm easy to please and I'm sure they'll make something great, at least I hope. + it's way past my bedtime so my mind is sinking and I can't think straight anymore.