Working on squad loyalty missions...ME2

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Working on squad loyalty missions...ME2

Postby Vengurd » Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:13 pm

I need halp!

I pretty much just finished up Tali's mission expect for some last few dialogue choices, primarily the 'good luck during the war' and 'don't go to war' options. Does any of this have any effect in the ME3 such as having more quarians or them having their home world back or anything else note worthy? I'm pretty much going to leave the game tabbed out until I can find the answer- and I do not want to get on the wiki because I don't want any spoilers to ruin the rest of the game. Yeah, I've pretty much avoided ALL Mass Effect communities to avoid even hints at spoilers. Plain simply I find even the most irrelevant information to be just as bad as actual story line material. Yeah, annoying but thats the truth of it.

That said, I need help choosing, are there benefits to either decision? What are the benefits of either decision?
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Re: Working on squad loyalty missions...ME2

Postby Jac » Tue Jun 25, 2013 9:01 am

Whatever your choice, it won't affect the war. The don't go to war option will gain you Paragon points while the good luck with the war option will gain you Renegade; so choose whichever one better suits your character. The only thing that'll affect ME 3 is whether or not you choose to overwrite the Geth heretics for Legion's mission or destroy them. The Quarians will go to war with the Geth, but you'll have the option to have both stand down and work with your fleet if you play your cards right.
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Re: Working on squad loyalty missions...ME2

Postby soap » Thu Jul 18, 2013 9:36 pm

Jac answered your question, but honestly, why not just take a blind shot and hope for the best. Like in real life, you don't really know what might happen down the road of life.

In Heavy Rain one of my main characters died, I just went with it and got another ending, just made it that much more fun to replay. (heavy rain characters die for good)
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