[Relz]Armory if Icewind Dale, Morrowind Edition!

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[Relz]Armory if Icewind Dale, Morrowind Edition!

Postby Slaanesh » Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:23 pm


Armory of Icewind Dale, Morrowind Edition!
By lhammonds, JadedWarlord
Downgraded by Slaanesh the Corruptor
With the help of MidgetAlien

:::Table of Contents:::
1. Summary
2. Installation
3. Playing the Plugin
4. Credits

::1. Summary::
This mod adds two shields two the Skaal Village Greathall. You can't pick them up until the town is attacked by Werewolves,
but anytime after that they are accessible. Both shields are variations of Bruenor's shield from the Legend of Drizzt
book series by R.A. Salvatore. They depict a foaming beer mug.

::2. Installation::
Extract to Morrowind\datafiles

::3. Playing the Plugin::
Check ESP off in the Launcher. Refer to section 1. if looking for location.

::4. Credits::
This mod is downgraded from Oblvion.
Originally made by lhammonds, JadedWarlord. Refer to the readme, which is included, for more info.
I, Slaanesh, made the icons and downgraded it, and set everything in the CS.
MidgetAlien positioned the shields so they fit the player's hand.

Email me at "slaaneshthecorruptor@gmail.com" if you need me, or send me a PM on The official forums by the username
"slaanesh the corruptor" or at GHF by the username "Slaanesh". Also, be sure to look at my website:http://slaaneshsmorrowind.weebly.com/morrowind-mods.html
Have fun!
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