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[Relz] Snow Elves

Postby Slaanesh » Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:11 pm


Table of Contents:
This mod adds a race to the game, Morrowind. This race, named the Snow Elves, a race ruled by it's females.
They were just recently re-discovered, as they were though extinct by modern races, but they were cut-off from
the outside world by a cave-in by the entrance to their city.
Note: This mod only includes the race itself. I felt no need to keep this to myself just to make the city, as it will
be dependant on another mod still in the making anyways.

The females have 7 heads, 25 hairs.
Males have 7 heads, 8 hairs.

Male/ Female

Marksman +15
Acrobatics, Light Armor, Restoration, illusion +5
mysticism +10
So, that's that. Time to move on.
Extract from the .RAR file to a seperate folder. Review all included Readmes. Then move the folders named Meshes, Textures,
and the ESP to the Morrowind/Datafiles folder. Then, launch the launcher and enable the ESP in the file inferace. You can
start a new character, or open the console by hitting ~ and typing EnableRaceMenu to use the race.
Happy playing.
Feel free to use any of my works as long as credit is given where it is needed and appropriate. Thank you.
This mod uses a variety of resources and models and textures.
Listed here:
This mod uses Meshes and Textures from Rin's Beautyshop mod. All credit for them goes to her.
This mod uses the Fixed Animation BB Meshes by Liztail. Credit for them goes to him.
This mod uses the Cappucine & Westly BB Textures for the Dark Elf
This mod uses hairs made by Westly, his readme is included.
In accordance to Westly's readme, I am to list the following:
-Hair Meshes by IDKRR (based on Ren's Oblivion Hairs)

-Ear Meshes by Rhedd

-Modifications to styles x2, x11, x16, x21, x22, and x23 by Gagatek
(removal of the swoopy bangs and loopy braids for additional styles)

-Hair/ear textures and time consuming conversion by Westly

Thank You! to Dave Humphrey for creating NifTexture
Thank you NifTools for NifSkope
Thank you to the community for the continuing support.
Thank you to AlienSlof for initally pointing me down the
right paths when I first began making mods.

Permissions: This is, for all intents, a resource for race making or
NPC additions (as this mod already adds the hairs to the standard races, so
why would anyone want to go and make another mod using these that does the
same thing; from my end, knowing the time it took me to make this mod as it
is, such a thought is completely ludicrous).

All I ask is that this README is included with your
mod and a line of credit for myself, IDKRR, and Ren is included in your
I can be reached as "Slaanesh the Corruptor" in The official Forums, or by email at "slaaneshthecorruptor@gmail.com"
Thank you.

Also, feel free to look at my website:http://slaaneshsmorrowind.weebly.com/morrowind-mods.html
Snow Elves.rar
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