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Postby neildarkstar » Mon Dec 19, 2011 5:57 pm

About 60 miles from our house is a nice little store that sells large containers of unusual spices for about the same price we pay locally for a tiny little jar. Anyway, every few months we make a special "spice run" to replenish our supplies.

We make a big deal out of it, taking the bike and going on to the Columbia River Gorge for a little wine-tasting, then stopping on our way back for dinner at a family owned Italian bar/restaurant. the food is authentic (so are the mafioso) and I knew the old man for many years before he died. We always get a good table, and something extra... a bottle of wine or some sauce to take home, or a special dessert or something.

Anyway, what we save on spices nearly pays for everything else, and we really look forward to it.
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