Riots in Baltimore

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Riots in Baltimore

Postby Elaura » Tue Apr 28, 2015 1:20 am

I missed this due to the pay for mods controversy.

Breakdown: a black man in police custody was taken to the hospital with severe neck injuries. He underwent surgery, but died.

Anti-police protests turned into all-out riots involving assaults, arson, and looting. Curfew has been set, a state of emergency has been declared.

A younger friend of mine (about ten years younger) called me tonight spinning tales of Federal Martial law, FEMA camps, suspicious closings of five Walmarts across the country and a military operation called Jade Helm.

Before drawing your own conclusions based on rumor, I urge everyone to do their own research into these matters. I would also remind everyone of the Zoot Suit Riots, the Watts Riots, and the Rodney King Riots. I mention these specifically because this has happened before and though people will undoubtedly die as a result, as has happened in the past, none of these events resulted in National Martial Law being declared.

*NOTE* I am deliberately not providing links as I don't want to create bias simply because of the search engines I happen to use.
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Re: Riots in Baltimore

Postby neildarkstar » Tue Apr 28, 2015 2:57 am

The Federal Martial Law conspiracies have gotten somewhat dated, though FEMA camps (like Jade-Helm) are the real deal but what that means is anybody's guess. The purpose of FEMA camps remained poorly explained, and largely unknown. The idea of emergency housing during emergencies aka new Orleans during Katrina is the official explanation, but why is the wire set to keep people in, rather than out?

Jade-Helm is quite real, it means "Joint Assisted Deployment Environment" which it seems indicates an oversight of joint military and civilian operational databases and operations (though that's not been explicitly stated). and "Homeland Elimination of Local Militants" the purpose of the latter is to respond to local civilian disruptions such as active ISIS attacks, Islamic radicals, right-wing extremists, Mickey Mouse on a rampage, and similar scenarios. It's really an exercise taking place in the Utah-Nevada area somewhere, but it probably has nothing to do with the riots. It's been scheduled for months, long before Mr Grey died in custody. Not that such facts will have much influence with the conspiracy crowd, but oh well...

I worry a bit about it because it seemingly places the military in a law enforcement role alongside the more regular Dept. of Homeland Security agents. that's not supposed to happen, eh? However, if ISIS happens to be running amok in Nevada sometime in the future, I don't expect the local mafia to handle the situation alone... They'll need people with New Vegas experience too... :? :o :biggrin:
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