Latest news about phpBB3 forum software!

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Latest news about phpBB3 forum software!

Postby Leonardo » Sat Oct 19, 2013 9:56 pm

Not long ago phpBB3 3.0.12 was released and by that version the next phpBB3 generation is knocking on the doors, because the phpBB3 3.0.12 version is probably the last phpBB3 3.0.xx version.

A few weeks later the next major announcement was posted and that was about the *NEW* phpBB3 3.1 Alpha Preview release, which reveal a lot of things that's gonna be changed in phpBB3 3.1 in comparison to what phpBB3 3.0.xx has now. I also notice that the phpBB dev team is asking mod authors to convert their mods into 3.1 extensions.

One of the major changes in phpBB3 3.1 is that the AutoMOD mod is apparently not going to be needed anymore, because the new phpBB3 3.1 code is using hooks that allow you to just to upload the mod to install it and you're done.
In theory that's how hooks works.

The second major changes is about the requirement for running phpBB3 3.1 and that's about the major changes from PHP 5.2.x to PHP 5.3.3 for phpBB3 3.1 - Ascraeus.

I just wanted to pass on about what's happening with the phpBB forum software in the near future. Of course the final release for phpBB3 3.1 - Ascraeus is something I don't know about so please don't ask.

Thanks for reading.
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