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Walking Dead by Telltale

PostPosted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 12:58 pm
by soap
I played the first two seasons of Telltale's Walking Dead, I raged quit the second season during Chapter 5.
The games are definitely well produced, the music, animation, story, etc. The games are also very easy to get into, it's basically one of those choose your own story, making changes here and there which slightly effect the narrative.

But whole molly is it brutal. I didn't mind the first game, but I feel like for the second one there's only so much stress and mental abuse I could take.
Without getting into specifics, this will be semi spoilery, everyone keeps dying left and right! And the worst part if the game punishes you constantly. You try to let a character rest so they can make the journey, next chapter they die moments after. Really! At one point I got so annoyed with all the choosing which resulted in punishment and all my beloved characters dying I figured the main protagonist couldn't take it anymore.
At a point of peril I died and the game told me - "Click to continue" I told myself, I'm sorry she let herself die, there's only so much misery a person can take no less a child.

Wondering if any of you have played the games or have an opinion either way. I enjoyed the Walking Dead comics intensely for the first 100 chapters or so, but even those started to get too depressing. I know a Zombie Apocalypse would be rough, but holy shit not every two minutes. I guess I'd enjoy both the comic and the game if there was less drama, less death and more human moments in between.

It's like the Game of Thrones effect, it's so Overkill (in killing characters) it becomes ridiculous and - I dare say it; deathsploitation