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Save game script cleaner

Postby Jac » Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:01 pm

I was plagued by the dreaded NPC gray/black face bug with Lydia and Aela, but I found out that the save game script cleaner can remove their references from the game and force the game to reload their facial information. So now whenever I give my ladies a makeover, I remove them from my game and have yet to see that ugly bug rear its head again.

If you're also having this issue and exporting the NPC facegen data doesn't work, do the following:

  1. Tell the NPC to leave your service if they're following.
  2. Find the NPC's base ID*. Not their RefID, the base ID. Do a search on the NPC's name on the wiki and it should pull up the relevant page. Lydia's base ID is 000A2C8E and her RefID is 000A2C94.
  3. Load the script cleaner and select your saved game. I wouldn't use an auto or quicksave, but a hard save.
    In the lower right, look for the box that says "Ref ID" underneath "Forms"
  4. Enter the NPC's ID and press <enter>.
  5. After the ID loads, press Delete.
  6. Save and make a backup (should be automatic).
  7. Load up your save, and voilĂ ! No more dark face.

You can do this for any NPC who's facegen data you've exported but isn't showing up properly. I hope someone else finds this as useful as we have.

*It may work with the Ref ID, but we've always used the base.
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