[Tutorial] Oblivion on Linux

Does this game work with Vista, Windows 7, Mac, or Linux? Is there a way to tweak better performance? Technical issues only, please stay on topic.

[Tutorial] Oblivion on Linux

Postby Jac » Wed Feb 16, 2011 12:01 am

Originally posted by blacklord9

Since it took me a total of well over 5 hours to get this game running flawlessly I feel it is my duty to make sure no one else wastes so much time trying to get this to work.

I am using Fedora 13 but this tutorial should hold true for all linux distros.

Now making the vanilla oblivion work is quite easy but we all know vanilla oblivion is crap.

First start out by getting wine for your distro. This can be done in two ways:
1) The easy way by using the built in package manager. Now this is the easiest and most hassle free way but I found that building wine from source results in a more stable install.

2) The hard way by building wine from source. I recommend this method as it rid me of some bugs not Oblivion related but better safe than sorry. Also by using this method you will be using the latest wine release. I won't cover how to build wine from source in this tutorial as there are many other tutorials on this subject.

After you have installed wine you need to do the basic configuration which is virtually automated just run winecfg and wait for it to configure the wine prefix, the navigate to the audio driver tab and select your preferred audio driver (the default and best choice will usually be already selected).

After the basic configuration is complete you need to do some advanced configuration. Download winetricks and run it from the terminal with the command sh (drag and drop the winetricks.sh file). If you get an access denied error run chmod 775 (drag and drop).
A window will appear, you will need to select the following:
orm=fbo (or backbuffer)

After winetricks finishes installing the selected run the command wine regedit and navigate to HKCU>Software>wine>direct3d and create a string value named VideoMemorySize and give it the value equal to the amount of RAM your graphics card has ex: (256).
After you are done with this run winecfg again and navigate to Graphics tab and tic emulate virtual desktop and fill in your fullscreen resolution (this step may not be necessary for people using a single screen but it's a must for dual monitors).

You are now done with configuring wine. In order to run vanilla oblivion the only thing you really had to install via winetricks is d3dx9 the other files ensure that the Oblivion mod manager works.

Now install the oblivion mod manager and start installing mods. Now here comes the backbreaking part: Linux allows 2 folders of the same name as long as they contain different letter cases. You need to browse your entire Data folder and make sure there are no duplicates or your oblivion will crash.
(PS: You need to merge the duplicates but renaming them not by deleting them)

You are now ready to play!
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Re: [Tutorial] Oblivion on Linux

Postby Chocolatemouse » Tue Feb 22, 2011 6:52 pm

5 hours to install the game on Linux ?
My god ( hugging warmly my old win Xp)

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Re: [Tutorial] Oblivion on Linux

Postby jaxawier » Wed Feb 23, 2011 8:20 am

Don´t think it will take 5 hours.
If you have your graphics-card installed fully,and a relatively speaking updated linux version with wine already in its package manager (most distros have one,ubuntu/kubuntu/suse/debian/fedora etc have their versions of an easy access software manager with programs and libraries already in there and one click install,or two clicks).

was some time since I installed it on linuxes,wasn´t so hard,using google solved a lot of of the requirements,simply install the stuff in wine cli (command line),the biggest hurdle was linux differentiates between small and big letters,but wine comes with a filemanager windows 3.11/w9x-style,using that one to copy files solves that hassle since it doesn´t differentiate between small and big letters.There is renaming software though in linux either in factory setup,or through its packagemanager,that is a hassle,takes some time though.

alternatively using play on linux makes things a lot easier,somewhat limited since an user loosing some controll over it by using play on linux,for a first time user that does make things a lot easier.
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Re: [Tutorial] Oblivion on Linux

Postby Nessa » Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:24 am

It takes me a lot longer than 5 hours to install Oblivion from scratch normally anyway. All that time sorting out mods. I thing my current install took well over 2 days to get fully up and running. EEKS! :-D

So how's the performance via Wine? Is it just as good as under XP? I had to make the jump the Win7 due to a new machine. (More than 4 GB of RAM and all.) I know NWN runs -great- under Linux and it's the best platform for servers. With all the activity lately I've been thinking about just making a hop to Linux and maybe using WINE or some such for max and the toolset. It's a thought anyway. :-)
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Re: [Tutorial] Oblivion on Linux

Postby jaxawier » Sun Mar 06, 2011 7:50 pm

as I said in my first post above,was quite some time ago,and a few pc´s back (amd 6000+ and ati hd 2900 iirc).
back then on ati it was hardest to get drivers for ati properly configured,a lot easier with nvidia,always has been btw.

well, it was suse 11.1 after all,got the hardware up and go,and suse have something called zypper from cli,so thus:
zypper in binutils | make | kernel-source | wine | gcc
after renamed nvidia setup as root (su) SH NVIDIA-run
and nvidia-xconfig and eventually Sax2 and the hardware is good to go,get back later when eventually ob/mw is up and running.
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