Your tails

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Your tails

Postby Ghostwolf » Thu Dec 15, 2011 8:07 pm

Strange name yes, but this thread is about one your (MW, OB or other Game} character's exploits. 1 event among many that happened to that character as one to remember.

For mine here's as follows
Player's Perspective
MW due to MCA 5.2 had a massive error. My Vampire character Azarat was heading back to Tel-Uvirith I noticed well over a hundred Wraiths on the hill above the tower and close to the Dwemer ruins. MCA 5.2 was multi spawning beings that tough enough to fight one on one let alone over a 100. My only regret was not taking pics

Azarat's Tale
Finally my revenge upon the Bern clan was complete, the body's of my bloodless foes lay like scrap paper upon the floor. With my revenge complete I decided to rejoice in my victory in the safety of Tel-Uvirith as the hunters aren't brave enough to deal with the Telvanni guards.

As I made my way home my eyes caught site of movement upon the hill above Tel-Uvirith. At first it was a few black clad figures in the distance. "Sorcerer's" I thought to myself but even I can be mistaken. I drew closer to investigate, ascending up the mount swiftly, until I heard the howling in the air. What I thought was merely a few turned out to be dozens perhaps hundreds, and all charging towards me! In an instant I knew what I was facing, wraiths!

I could defeat 2 or more but a multitude such as this I had little chance. What was even more frightful was the prospects of Tel-Uvirith being besieged by these hellish creatures so I ran. The enemy pursued me but after I gained some distance I unleashed my most powerful magics but against them they were useless. Summoned daedra were no more than mice in the claws of a raging cat. I turned to flee once more with several right behind me howling as if they had already had won the battle. Yet the fools do not realize what is before my eyes.

Now tis true vampires are weak to flame and when you happen to be an Altmer vampire the matter is much worse, but I see my salvation in midst of the flames. A small island of stone stood out about 4 foot above the lava and if I timed my leap correctly I could land upon it and give myself a moment to plan my next move. I ran headlong toward the edge of the flaming abyss and leaped above the inferno and landed upon the small island of stone. I turned expecting to see my foes running around the lava seeking a means in which to strike me, instead the fools in their frenzy charged in after me.

What an amusing site! The victors had become victims of their own stupidity. When the last one fell screaming beneath the molten stone I leap back to the ground and drew others to join their kindred within the flaming depths. With the screams of the last of the wraith's echoing through the mountain I made my way back into the safety of my tower.
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