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Postby Ghostwolf » Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:48 pm

Back at the other site we sponsored a Friday night rpg event on the wyldryde irc network, after letting it go down for about a year I restarted a new one on the DarkMyst network. Before any speculation starts let me say I have no intentions of starting a chatroom, I leave that option to someone else, but will assist if requested. I have little time to devote to running a chatroom anymore.

But if wish to try playing in a different atmosphere then this will be your ticket. The game systems range from D&D (almost all varients) nwod, gurps, etc and include custom rpgs. For dice rolls an admin use a game bot plus there's several network sponsored events going on.


By the way the network is a good place for community chat as well. Will I try to run another game again? Considering the interest in Gurps when I tried to set it up last year I'll will more likely be a player or host a UO freeshard.
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