Roleplay Unbound!

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Roleplay Unbound!

Postby Elaura » Tue Nov 22, 2016 7:52 am

Here're the rules...

Every post must be in character as a persona from any published (video-type) game, past or present. This is not limited to any single developer. If you want Geralt to have tea with Commander Sheppard (male or female), go for it.

Try not to break character. You can use stage directions in brackets [Geralt pours Cmdr Sheppard a cup of cup of Earl Grey], or OOC comments in parentheses (Wait, what are Alex's augments again?), but if it gets excessive, we'll start an OOC thread.

You can post on any topic and talk about anything (let's try to keep it light and stay away from controversial topics, though) but all posts and replies should be in character.

If someone "claims" a character, please don't post for them (unless they give you permission). The unpredictability of how another person is going to react to you is part of the fun. If a single person roleplays both sides for an entire scene, it becomes less RP and more fanfiction.

Have fun.
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