Sid Meiers Pirates East Indies mod 2020

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Sid Meiers Pirates East Indies mod 2020

Postby fleet » Wed Nov 04, 2020 3:27 pm

This mod was built over the original mod by jlangsdo, by Pirate and themodelcitizen, from the HookedonPirates forums.

Visit for discussion and the latest version of this and other mods, or to report any bugs (including any in-game reference to the Caribbean, which should be now scrubbed from all gameplay).

Some uniforms by Amaroy's new uniform mod.


The relevant folders should be located at the equivalent to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Pirates!

- back up your Pirates!.exe and replace it with the provided version.
- Place text.ini into the "assets" folder within that Sid Meier's Pirates! folder.
- Place the rest of the files into the "custom" folder

They can be within a further subfolder if you wish to organize your mods that way. I believe that the game loads any conflicting files from different subfolders alphabetically, with the last taking priority.

As this mod rearranges the map and cities, it will not be supported as compatible with any similar mods, however, it should work with any graphics packs (with the exception that anything applying to the French will now apply to the Portuguese).


jlangsdo built the map and did the research into cities. Additional work on the exe, including rearranging and reorganizing cities to make certain aspects of the game work properly, was done by Pirate. Graphic work and fine-tuning of shipnames, location_names, text.ini, and other files was done by Pirate and themodelcitizen, with thanks to fleetp for help with city locations.

This mod cleans up the loose ends from jlangsdo's work, such as completing France's transition to Portugal (including changing city colours), restoring the treasure fleet, labelling certain seas and straits, producing more AI traffic, and rewriting the Pirate-O-Pedia.


Approaching Dili | England in blue | Treasure fleet returns | Portugal sails | Starting eras | New cities | New pirates | New Indies
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