Sid Meiers Pirates - Paramaribo and Fort St Louis mod

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Sid Meiers Pirates - Paramaribo and Fort St Louis mod

Postby fleet » Sun Oct 04, 2020 1:20 pm

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This mod for the game Sid Meier's Pirates! was created by fleetp. The mod originated at
Credit for assistance/inspiration goes to pirate, themodelcitizen, slserpent, jlangsdo and Phalzyr

Version 1, for the Windows version of Sid Meier's Pirates!

The mod renames the Dutch city of St. Eustatius to Paramaribo, amd moves it to the South American continent. The mod renames the French City of Leogne to Ft. St Louis and moves it north of Vera Cruz. The locations of Paramaribo and Fort St. Louis in the mod are NOT the correct geographical locations. This mod was made using the 1660 game era. The mod does NOT change the in-game pirate-o-pedia.

Using the mod.
Copy the file "citynames_enu.txt" and the cityloc.dta files to your Sid Meier's Pirates!/custom folder.
Copy the "text.ini" file to your Sid Meier's Pirates!/assets folder.

Start a new game as you may get unexpected results using a previously saved game.

To uninstall the mod, delete the files from the above named folders.

You may freely distribute this mod, but please credit fleetp for creating.

I used HxD hexadecimal editor, jlangsdo's save game editor, and notepad to make the mod.
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