A long and winding road.

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Re: A long and winding road.

Postby Elaura » Sun Sep 01, 2013 1:04 pm

Final update for now.

Although I never did get anything in writing about the pap, I was told it was completely normal, despite the lesion the doc could see with his naked eye. Ive been told to follow-up, naturally, but it's good to know I'm finally HPV negative again. The less dangerous versions of that virus are supposed to "go away" within two years. I suspect, but can't confirm, that all viruses merely go into remission and remain resident in your body once exposed, not just Herpes Zoster and Simplex. It would explain shingles in people who have no history of re-exposure to chicken pox.

Anyway, the VA system in my area has a very efficient prescription refill service. After being on all of my new medications since April, my "evil" cholesterol is down and my moods have leveled out.

Note to women on Zoloft: if you are experiencing a lowered sex drive, you can talk to your doctor about changing the dosage. As a matter of fact, after I reached the therapeutic dose of 100mg, I experienced a drop in libido as well as weight gain and a pretty prominent brain fog. The doc halved it and added Wellbutrin and all of those side-effects subsided. Although the weight has been harder to lose again, I'm maintaining a healthy weight right now. Just don't have the wiggle room I had before starting the medications.

In addition, I have received my brand spanking new *bifocals* as well as an "assisted hearing device" which makes watching movies where people are always whispering a dream. AND . . . I finally got my broken tooth crowned. I fully understand, after my visit to the OKC VA Hospital, how results can vary immensely, but I've had a pretty good experience with my first four months in the VA medical system.

The only down side is that since I am terribly sensitive to narcotic pain medication, the pills I take now are only just keeping the edge off *most* of the time. Well that and since there is no cure for IBS, I only have medicine to use "as needed", which means I'm already in a flare up when I start taking them.

However, given how my year started, I'm a pretty happy camper.
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Re: A long and winding road.

Postby fable2 » Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:19 am

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