Kagz Bloodmoon Trophy Resource.

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Kagz Bloodmoon Trophy Resource.

Postby Kagz » Thu Nov 17, 2011 2:02 pm

...............................KAGZ Bloodmoon Trophy/Plaque Resource.................................


Bloodmooon is legally required to use this mod,
as the mod uses Bloodmoon materials.


This is a Modders Resource only,
it places nothing ingame.


Ok, this mod gives modders 9 trophy/plaques,
to use in mods, or own game or whatever.

I chopped up some of the Bloodmoon game monsters,
that had suitable heads for the objective,
in 3DS Max and mounted them on wall plaques and one on a base.
Now because there is a plaque in Bloodmoon anyway,
with the wolf and bear on it, i used it as a base.
I took the wolf/bear into Max and remapped,
then retexed the backs with marble.
Better than the old wood that they were.
I also deleted the big nails that stick out of them.

As for the others i had to reduce/enlarge to get them right.
The pig/boar whatever, has weird teeth that use an alpha map,
i cant do alphas, so they might look a bit strange.
I also had to reshape/reduce the Frost Giant one,to make it ok.

Didnt have to change the tex to dds,
as it was dds already.So just used it.
The tex could easily be cut down to
half the size it is now and would still be ok.
Anyhow the tex are all filed in a KAGZ folder.
Also set all the stuff up as statics,
in cell .......DF in the CS,
you can set them as you like.

Not a lot more to say except, thanks to the folks at Wolflore,
who supported me with the mod.
Thanks to Beth for the meshes and tex and thanks to me,
for all the Max work.

You are welcome to use these props in your mods,
a mention would be great.

The mod is 3.68 Meg installed / 2.04 Meg RAR.
and was cleaned with TESAME.

You can contact me at ravenfife@lycos.com
or at Wolflore Forums or my Kagz Artz forums.

Screens from the CS.





Kagz Bloodmoon Trophies.rar
(2.05 MiB) Downloaded 192 times

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Re: Kagz Bloodmoon Trophy Resource.

Postby DARoot » Thu Nov 17, 2011 3:07 pm

Thank you, Kagz!
Very good job.
Your versions look much more realistic that the (few) originals Bethesda supplied
[I always thought they, and the "Mounted Argonian Head" were a bit too small...]
Yours are "anatomically correct"
[Errr...can I say that on "this side" of the Forum?]

Well Done and Thanks!


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