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The Familiar

Postby Adul » Tue Mar 01, 2016 8:25 pm

The Familiar is a new freely downloadable web magazine created by game developer Beamdog and Dialect (of Dragon+ fame):

The first issue, released earlier this month, contains some background on Beamdog and their games, some in-depth articles on technical and game development topics (including a page on the Infinity Engine UI, which is something that I rather look forward to reading), some insight into the CRPG industry and the tactical RPG renaissance, an article on Sword Coast Legends, a short story from Beamdog writer Amber Scott, some free BG portraits, and other stuff I might have missed.

I haven't read the whole issue yet, but from the few articles I've seen my recommendation is you should pick it up if you're interested in Baldur's Gate, CPRGs in general, or whatever Beamdog is up to. You can also get it in app form for your phone or tablet, which is my preferred format for my e-mags. Just search for "The Familiar" in your app thing.

Finally, the most exciting thing about this, in my opinion, is the upcoming March issue which is promised to be filled "cover-to-cover" with Siege of Dragonspear info. Perhaps we even get a release date. Fingers crossed.
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Re: The Familiar

Postby Mr.Shadow1234 » Thu Mar 03, 2016 3:42 am

Fingers crossed mate!
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