A quick and easy dessert from my late Mum-in-law.

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A quick and easy dessert from my late Mum-in-law.

Postby Eirik » Sat Jun 04, 2011 2:11 am

My first mother-in-law, Olga was from Cuba. She was a wonderful woman who sadly had a very hard married and maternal life. She was the type to prepare meals for you or the family, whether she was sick to her bones or not. I would have done anything for a mother such as she, having had the other kind. She was very much underappreciated, and well, I miss her spirit.

One of the foods she made that she taught her daughters, my ex-wife, was what she called "peasant food". It was not meant in insult, but in simplicity, since they were poor and making a fine dessert was well, comforting.

Start with a pound cake, which can be from any brand. I use Entenmann's, because they are delicious. Slice the pound cake into thin, 1/4 inch slices. Set these aside.

Cook and prepare two pots of Cook-N-Serve pudding, one chocolate, and one vanilla.

Get a nice glass Pyrex dish or other ceramic china bowl, and layer 1/2 the pound cake loosely into the bowl for about 2 inches high. When the vanilla pudding is thickened, pour it hot onto the pound cake, covering the cake completely. Now, take the other half of the pound cake and layer this into the bowl as well. When the chocolate pudding has thickened, pour this over the remaining cake until it is covered completely. Set into the fridge and let it cool. Can be served with whipped cream, but some prefer it just as it is.

It is a simple, tasty, easy to prepare dessert that when cut looks almost like one you'd expect to see in a fine restaurant. It is so easy young children can prepare it for themselves or parents for a nice birthday dessert.

When my late Olga made this for me, I felt like the king of a castle. It was just that good and memorable. You can even make cariations using either a Marble pound cake, or a crunched topped one like a coffee cake.
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Re: A quick and easy dessert from my late Mum-in-law.

Postby Elaura » Sat Apr 28, 2012 1:59 pm

I can't believe I missed this. It looks delicious.
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