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Re: Modgames site?

Postby fable2 » Sat Sep 01, 2012 2:58 pm

fleet wrote:Same holds true for visual novels. If I don't know where my stuff is uploaded, I don't see when somebody posts that they have a problem playing (of course, it never helps that the :rant: people who upload my stuff conveniently 'forget' to include the readme file, which contains contact and trouble shooting information.

There, at least, you hold copyright on your own material. Though I suspect that wouldn't count for much with some sites. It all depends on site policy, since enforcing the law at such a low level becomes a matter of courtesy, seldom of hiring lawyers and going to court.

I'll never forget when I discovered a game reviews site about 5-6 years ago, and found the contents of a group of reviews by one "critic" disturbingly familiar. Turns out he was reissuing my reviews from a few years back, prefacing them with one paragraph of his own. I guess he either thought that made them "his," or that nobody would care. The site management fortunately took it all seriously. My reviews were taken down, and the poster was kicked out. But I know my stuff is floating around out there, anyway, under other names.
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