Khajiit Calico mod or help with texture & head

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Khajiit Calico mod or help with texture & head

Postby Sandman101 » Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:46 pm

I know I have been gona a while but I have not seen any calico Khajiit mods. Calico is a very broad term also.
I am asking for some help. I'm not asking for perfection. I have a 14 year old cat, her name is Spaz. She is a Calico and is very important to me personally. I want to play a Khajiit based on her. I can find no suitable textures for this. Latendress67 made me a cailco texture(Photoshop I think) that comes real close but there is no white in it. It needs some white for the belly and maybe a sock or two. The face is probaly the biggest hurdle. Again, not looking for perfection but a playable face. Can anyone help me.
Here is the caico texture.
A screenshot of the texture on a BB mesh. This a "Clean" model. I have edited the uv a bit to start to get close, but it is only a start.
This is Spaz.

I ask only for personal use but if completed and desired to be released i would have no issues! :bow:
Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Khajiit Calico mod or help with texture & head

Postby Drakkmore » Tue Sep 03, 2013 12:14 am

hmm Sandman you have Gimp right Have you tried running the texture through gimps make seamless filter.
might help on the body texture a bit.
though if you want a sock and some white in the belly that might be an issue.
let me think about it for a bit, and I'll also look at the BB textures in photoshop, and see what comes of it.
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Re: Khajiit Calico mod or help with texture & head

Postby latendresse76 » Tue Sep 03, 2013 8:24 am

Here is the white fur that and another calico type pattern that the fur keeps an identical path. I don't enjoy trying to do body textures and not my cup of tea my couple attempts sucked but i have a pretty good PS filter for making seamless fur patterns

I went through and made all the different fur options that the filter can make the thumbs are 256 and the textures are 2048 and they are all seemless
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