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Re: A Clothing Maker

Postby Kagz » Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:49 pm

Ok Thank F... it is working normally again. :shades:

Thankyou Daroot, for reminding me that the best solution can sometimes, be found thru the simplest means.
I just needed to search and i would have found the answer.
Pity i didnt think of that yesterday, before all the uninstalling and reinstalling carry on.
Anyhow its working now and it shouldnt happen again, according to the dude who posted the solution.

if you want to get rid of that for good, go into your top menubar and open up customize.
then click on "customize user interface". you should see a long list of commands.
scroll down until you see "transform gizmo toggle." make sure you select it.
then on the right hand side of that box you should see "hotkey" and "assign to" boxes.
under that should be a remove button. once your sure "transform gizmo toggle,"
click the remove button. that will fix all your problems. to make sure
that it stays that way make sure you click the "save..." button.
you can save that where ever you like. you can even save over the default,
though i would't suggest it

Heres a couple screens to show you what was happening,
in the first one it was mucked up and i couldnt move the mesh,
on the Z axis etc.


This is what it should look like with the little coloured arrowheads,
so you can click the arrowhead and then move the mesh in that direction.


Heres me all happy again hehe :biggrin:


:shades: :drunk:
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