The Night Trip

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The Night Trip

Postby neildarkstar » Mon Apr 20, 2015 5:09 am

The Night Trip

Wrapped in a cloak of darkness and moving soundlessly through the darkness, I trudge down the narrow cobblestone road bearing my burdens. I hear the sounds of the night creatures around me, amid the rustle of the breeze. The small creatures fade into silence as I approach, and then once I've passed they resume their serenades of love, their songs of life... or of death.

There is no sign of moon nor or any sign of stars, so I suppose the night sky is overcast and covered with heavy clouds. I imagine I can feel their weight bearing down on me, holding a trillion raindrops waiting to blanket my world with their chill.

The truth is that I can barely see the road I walk, and not for the first time, I wish I had a torch. Who knows what deadly hunger may be laying in wait along my path? Almost as if summoned by my thought, I hear the soft crack of a twig, and the sound of a heavy snort... a snuffling in-drawn breath filled with menace.

All of a sudden the breeze is gone, the air is still and dead as if the night holds its breath in anticipation. My heart begins to pound, and I can feel the pulse of my adrenaline-filled arteries threatening to explode. Should I run? Can I hide? Having no weapon, how can I fight?

Slowly I turn to face the direction from whence the sounds came, and I hear another snort of heavy breath. The darkness in front of me explodes with a huge shdadowy blackness that charges past me, nearly knocking me from my feet. Seeing nothing, I only hear hooves clattering on the cobblestones right beside me. I feel a blast of hot breath and smell heavy animal sweat as the deer runs past me into the night, the sounds of its passing fading as it gains distance.

Damnable creature! It scared me out of ten years life, I'm certain. My knees are wobbly, it's difficult to stand, and dammit! My bladder is screaming for relief from it's liquid burden. Stupid deer nearly scared the piss out of me...

I move a little closer to the roadside from whence the deer had emerged, and make the adjustments needed to empty my poor complaining bladder. Tugging my breeches down a way, I prepared to begin when a thought strikes me. What could have so frightened that deer that he would charge directly at me rather than some other safer direction? Was whatever it was still there, and still stalking its prey?

As that thought worked it's way through my mind, I found that I had soon relieved myself with no conscious volition on my part... Thank goodness my breeches were already down... Finished, I tug them back up, fingers clumsily tightening the rough twine belt around my waist that holds them in place.

With that done, picking up my burden, I begin to turn back toward my direction of travel when I happen to see them. Eyes evilly glowing with yellow-green fire, twin lamps of deadly intent lurking out there in the darkness. They are only a stones throw from the road where I stand, and they seem to follow my every move. I slowly move backward toward the center of the road, but I am unable to look away from those eyes, or to break that hypnotic gaze that holds me fast. I would flee for my life but I cannot look away, cannot turn to run. I dare not turn my back on those eyes formed of eldritch fire.

Suddenly, the heavens are illuminated by a flash brighter than a noonday sun, and I see a not-too-distant tree explode in flame as lightning splits it asunder. The boom and rumble of thunder sound like the judgement of the gods roaring in my ears as it passes through me like a physical thing, and I am blind for a moment as my poor eyes try to adjust to the black of night after the brilliance of the lightning. The smell of ozone and smoke fill the leaden air, burning my eyes and lungs.

When I can see again the eyes are gone... but now I am even more afraid because I do not know where they are. I turn and jog with a quickened pace down the cobblestones, my feet seemingly slapping on them like frightened applause as I go. Then, I see my shack in front of me. I could weep with relief as it's shadowy outline welcomes me promising a safe refuge as I step up onto the rickety porch.

I hurry into the shack, and turn quickly to drop the bar on the door and secure myself from the wild things of the night. I set down the two buckets of water I'd been carrying back from the river, and moved to light a fire with my flint and steel.

Shortly, a fire crackles merrily in my tiny fireplace, and it's light assures me all is well as I listen to the sound of rain on the roof and the occasional rumble of thunder overhead. I am filled with relief that I have once again survived the hundred yard journey to the river and back. For the hundredth time, or perhaps the thousandth, I swear that will never again make that trip after dark... but I know that things happen, and I will find myself out there in the night again tomorrow, or the next night, or the night after that.

I snuggle down into the rough straw bedding where I normally sleep, and I'm nearly asleep when I hear the frustrated scream of a hungry beast out there somewhere in the darkness of the night... I smile and think "Tomorrow night, old friend...perhaps..."
"If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans." - Movie "Flypaper"
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