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Postby neildarkstar » Wed Mar 12, 2014 10:43 am

Note: i actually wrote this a while back, and stumbled across it this morning. I thought perhaps someone might enjoy it.


by Neildarkstar

As I placed the order for a large combo pizza using my burn phone, I gazed around the dingy motel room. From the water-stained ceiling to the rust stained sink, it epitomized the essence of the sleazy, cheap, notell motel room. Generally this room would be rented for use with a lady of the evening, but I had my my own very different reasons for being here.

Last night I had rented this room and this morning under a different name I rented the adjoining room from a different desk clerk. It had been a simple matter to pick the lock of the door between the adjoining rooms thus, in effect, changing identities as I moved from room to room.

I opened the laptop and activated the drone I had landed on the roof of a nearby warehouse yesterday. The view was perfect, giving me a clear view of the entire motel parking lot, and nearly a full block of the street. There was no sign of anyone running a stakeout or watch station, and I was pleased when I saw the familiar ageing Prius with the Rummynose Pizza light on top pull into the parking lot. The Prius slowly cruised the lot as the driver checked room numbers, and then without parking, got out and walked to my door carrying a pizza box.

Hearing our special coded knock, I turned from the laptop and checked the door's peephole to see who was there. I could see the back of the gray hoody and, as he turned toward the door, the expected face wearing overly large wrap-around sunglasses. Yep, it was undoubtedly the "Rummynose Unibomber".

I opened the door, we spoke for a moment, and I reached into my pocket, actually pulling it inside out to show there was no money in it. We went deeper into the room hopefully giving any watcher the idea I had money or a wallet in there somewhere. As soon as we were out of clear sight from outside the door, Denny (who I called the Rummynose Unibomber) slipped out of his hoody and shades and I quickly donned them, and walked out to the waiting pizza delivery car.

I kept my head angled forward (just as Denny had) to prevent direct overhead view of my face as I climbed into the Prius, and drove carefully to the Rummynose Pizza Palace. I parked in the employee spot reserved for delivery cars, and headed directly into the restroom as soon as I entered the restaurant. I quickly checked the stalls to be sure I was alone, before entering one and changing my clothes. I knew Denny would return to the pizzeria by taxi soon, and I had to be gone before he arrived.

The clock was ticking, as I pulled the latex mask over my head, donned the wig and dress, and headed out of the men's room and out onto the street with the sunglasses back in place.I stopped as if window shopping several times, checking in the reflection for any sign of an obvious tail, but it seemed I was in the clear. So far so good. The stakes were high, and I could not afford any mistakes.

Shortly, I arrived at Hishe's Pink Panther, a bar that catered to a mainly gay/transgender clientèle. Again I headed directly to the restroom, though in this place there was no way to tell which was men's and which was women's until you saw the urinals... or lack thereof. Again a quick change of clothing, leaving the wig and dress in the trash can, and once again disguised as a short, fat, bald man of about 70 years, headed back to the street and on down the block to a bowling alley where I entered by a back door.

Rencher recognized me immediately, and nodded as he opened the secret door that let me into the dimly lit and well-hiden area behind it. Moving toward the ancient bar, a holdover from the days of Prohibition, I pulled off the latex mask. I sat on a handy barstool breathing a deeply-felt sigh of relief. Tony, a middle aged Italian fellow rumored to be "connected" gave me a wide grin, and with a smile asked "The usual Mr. Mayor?"

I looked around, checking the other clients, looking for anyone who didn't belong. Seeing nothing unusual, I returned his smile, and replied in the affirmative. "I'm not the Mayor anymore tony, but give me my fix, will you? In a moment, Tony placed the container on the counter in front of me. The object of my dreams, and the reason for all of the deceptions and subterfuge that had occupied the last two days. If this secret got out, I'd be ruined, and a laughingstock.

She stood there in front of me, sweating slightly, and filling me with a nearly uncontrollable urge to grab her and suck her dry, but with superhuman effort I managed to control myself. Slowly, tenderly, I grasped the 64 ounce Pepsi, and deliberately drew the first delicious sip through the straw...

My name is Bloomberg, this is New York, and I've got a secret...
"If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans." - Movie "Flypaper"
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Re: Insurrection

Postby fleet » Wed Mar 12, 2014 12:02 pm

The ending was a total surprise. :bouncy:
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