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Vellie Bahdgul

PostPosted: Thu Nov 14, 2013 5:22 pm
by neildarkstar
Once, there was a Bahdgul. Her name was Vellie Bahdgul, and she was born a Bahdgul, but raised to be a proper Bahdgul by adoptive parents named Wrong in High Rock. What does the Wrong family in High Rock know about raising a Redguard Bahdgul from Hammerfell, you ask? Well, not so much, but they taught her to use magic, greatswords, and heavy armor, as well as the more traditional Breton poisons. Thinking she might have her parent's wanderlust, they prepared her for a life of adventure.

In public when Vellie passed by some people, they whispered to each other "Look, there goes Vellie Bahdgul. Don't let her see you staring... She's a Bahdgul, and she's being raised right by the Wrong family. She's as deadly as an Adder (though the Adder family lived on the far side of town and didn't know her at all)." At home she was brave girl, and driven to succeed, being a Redguard in the midst of Bretons. Her Wrong parents often told her "All eyes are on you Lass, don't disappoint." For some unknown reason that statement always made her angry...

Years passed, Vellie became a wandering adventurer who gained a measure of fame in Skyrim. Enough fame at least that the Jarl of Riften contracted her to kill a dragon who was terrorizing the area of a ruin known as Autumnwatch tower. He was described as a monster, but Vellie knew that even monsters are no match for Bahdguls.


A huge cloud of dust, mixed with liberal parts of dirt clods, rock, spurts of dragon fire, and smoke flew high into the air as the dragon, Mogauger, smashed into the earth and skidded along a hundred foot path to the foot of Autumnwatch Tower. The dragon's body gouged a huge furrow into the soil as he slid along, claws scrabbling for a hold, then his head rammed hard into the stone steps that led into the tower bringing him to a painful stop. For a moment, the tower was obscured by the cloud, then came back into focus as the debris settled.

Mogauger shook his battered head, trying to clear away the colored stars that partly obscured his vision. As his eyes cleared, he saw the hated female Redguard standing just inside the arched tower door. With a snarled roar, he blasted the door with a weak blast of fiery breath, hoping to catch her unprepared. The armored Redguard female quickly stepped back around the corner of the door to escape the fire, and was singed but unharmed.
The dragon knew his time was near, he had neither the strength nor the fire to continue the battle. Mighty fangs gleaming and jaws open wide, he lifted his head to voice one last battle cry into the sky he loved.


Vellie Bahdgul barely ducked out of the doorway, as a blast of fire filled the space where she had just been standing. Slapping at burning pieces of her armor and gear, she was, once again, glad she had spent all those hours training so that she could move quickly in heavy armor.

The battle with that cursed dragon had started on the roof of the tower and gpne on all day. Nearly exhausted, she was still exuberant knowing that she had won, and all that remained was a final blow to bring the dragon's life to an end. She glanced around the corner quickly, and saw the dragon was at the base of the stairs, with head lowered, and partially covered with the debris raised by his rough landing.

Perfect, she thought, and quickly cast a spell to summon a flame atronach for added distraction to cover her quickly planned attack, then readied her greatsword. In one fluid motion, Vellie spun through the door, covered the three running steps to the landing's edge and leaped from the top of the stairs to the dragon's back below. In the back of her mind was the thought that this leap would be immortalized by bards for decades to come… but wait… what was that stupid dragon DOING?!?

As she leaped, the dragons head raised, jaws opening wide. and before either Vellie or the dragon knew quite what was happening, she vanished into the dragon's maw. Huge fangs flashed past her vision and she screamed with the first true terror she had ever known as she vanished into the inferno of the dragon's belly.

Mogauger was puzzled for a moment, at the sudden sensation of swallowing a fairly large object, then he chuckled as he realized the mortal female had just inadvertently become his supper. As the chuckle began to grow into a laugh (might one say belly laugh?) the flame atronach hit him with one final firebolt, which caused him to writhe in pain momentarily. Unfortunately the motion caused Vellie's greatsword to become wedged in the dragon's throat, closing his windpipe completely. The dragon thrashed wildly, nearly bringing down the tower, but to no avail. In a short time, his vision faded, and he slipped into the dark sleep of death.

So it was that the dragon Mogauger, the terror of Autumnwatch Tower, and the Reduard female, one Vellie Bahdgul, entered the netherworld side by side. When next you order your ale, raise your glass high to the Wrong family's Vellie Bahdgul, and the dragon who had a bellyful of her…

For any brave reader still with me, this is actually a more or less true story, as far as game play is concerned. Vellie Bahdgul was a Skyrim Player Character, and the battle went pretty much as described. Since I'm playing hard core, it was an unkind ending…

Re: Vellie Bahdgul

PostPosted: Sat Nov 16, 2013 1:11 am
by Nhog
I'm gonna have to find a way to just automatically receive your story-posts on my phone. This was clever and incredibly fun to read! :-D

Re: Vellie Bahdgul

PostPosted: Sat Nov 16, 2013 5:02 am
by neildarkstar
Yeah, it was fun to write too... I'm glad you had fun with it!