Blender Tips.

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Blender Tips.

Postby Donkey » Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:36 am

[Blender Tips]

This is just a small tip you won't see mentioned in tutorials. Atleast i have never hear anyone mention it, but it still vital if you want the animation to work correctly after exporting.

Those remembering my new vegas / oblivion animation will notcie this after the animation is resetted after it goes back to idle. Like standing up.
you would see mesh tearing a bit. I actually seen this one all other people animations too.

When you import a skeleton and mesh. start by selecting all bones with the A key then use Alt+G, Alt +R,Alt +S This is needed to what i will tell further. Go to edit mode select all bones and hit the comma key , and you will it resets everything. This is all.

if you don't do this part you actually risk mesh tearing later on.

Now everytime you add a new bone to make a rig, you have to repeat the above. This will save you allot of grieve later on,

We can use this topic to give others tips who aren't seen anywhere in tutorials. If i have more i will update this post.


[Bake constrain script]
I can't believe i did not find this script sooner. Looks like someone on made simple script speed up bake contraints.under the name of Dead ringer. Good job i always hated to wait so long before the entire script would finish baking the animation. Would take like hours if the animnation is really big, now it is finished within a matter of seconds.

This will point you to thread in action. Now building bigger advanced animation is really fun thing to do. :goodjob:

Please check this thread:

It explains the process to make baking faster.
Retired modder and enjoying it. :D
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