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FO:NV - Actually a thing that needs to happen

PostPosted: Fri Mar 06, 2015 9:54 pm
by Fenrir
So so so SO
Start out all my posts with "so", needed to get that out of the way
I have an idea
Spurs, in New Vegas? There's a mod to get spurs and some clothing mods have outfits with them, such as the one I'm using now (Spice of Life's old west outfit, AKA my new favorite thing)
But these spurs have one very, very large problem - They do NOT jingle, nor do they jangle, and they certainly don't jingle jangle jingle
So what I'd like to do, and what absolutely needs to be done, is make a footstep sound effect for spurs that indeed jingle and most definitely jangle, and on the right day, will jingle jangle jingle.
So what I'd like to know is how I'd go about adding such a sound effect to the game and having the Geck recognize it as a footstep sound and all that.
If I ever do produce a successful mod, this will be it.
This will be my contribution.

No longer will people be forced to trudge on through the mojave without a pleasant jingling and jangling accompanying them.
You've got the revolver.
You've got the repeater.
So get the spurs.

Re: FO:NV - Actually a thing that needs to happen

PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:16 am
by neildarkstar
Well ( I start all of my post with "well" so... (Just kidding, eh?)

First I would say get an audio editing app like Audacity or Audio Record Wizard (Audacity is the better of the two, but sometimes it has issues getting input). then someplace find the sounds you are looking for (a search for sound effects from inside Movie Maker can have good results). Then record the sound you want making a new file in Audacity (or whatever) Then open the footstep file in the sound editor, add your jingle jangle to it as a second track, then save the file in your sound folder in FONV.
All done.