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Re: Top 10 Oblivion mods

Postby fable2 » Thu May 19, 2011 11:27 pm

soap wrote:I got tones of mods but there mostly armor, My game is buggy now, when I quit it crashes... :sad: the game also crashes when I'm a vampire during the day. For this reason I'm not to eager to add more mods I'm afraid nothing will work. But I can play fine, just sometimes it messes up.

Are you using Wrye Bash? If so, post your modlist, in loading order. I can't pretend to any considerable knowledge, but maybe I can help a bit. Others here might, as well.

I'm tempted in trying the overhaul patches, that makes everything higher resolution, is it worth it?

Overhaul patches? Do you mean the Unofficial Official Patch (UOP), and the Unofficial Shivering Isles patch? Because they don't do anything to the resolution, and I don't know any unofficial patches that do. What they do is deal with a ton of bugs remaining in the game after the official patches. They are perfectly safe.
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Re: Top 10 Oblivion mods

Postby ALready_Gone » Wed May 25, 2011 2:01 pm

soap wrote:
I got tones of mods but there mostly armor, My game is buggy now, when I quit it crashes... :sad: the game also crashes when I'm a vampire during the day. For this reason I'm not to eager to add more mods I'm afraid nothing will work. But I can play fine, just sometimes it messes up.

I'm tempted in trying the overhaul patches, that makes everything higher resolution, is it worth it?

My game used to crash on exit until I installed Fast Exit. I have included links to it and Exit Oblivion With No Crash. There is a newer Fast Exit 2 but Fast Exit works fine for me so I don't have a burning need to change it. There is a link to it in the Fast Exit link if you are interested. I can't help you with the vampire problem because i haven't been a vampire in Oblivion yet.

I run Oblivion at 1280 x 720 and it works really well for me. I have quite a few mods which are mostly character and npc enhancing mods running at a moderately high graphics setting due to my graphics processor. As fable2 said I am not sure what you mean by the overhaul patches. If you mean higher resolution textures then I say go for it. I use High Resolution for Natural Faces and a few other high resolution texture mods and those are worth it. :biggrin:

I am not an expert but I hope this helps.
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Re: Top 10 Oblivion mods

Postby Leonardo » Fri Jun 10, 2011 8:52 am

You must use tools to play these mods and I know two tools that you must have is BOSS, Wrye Bash, so I wonder if the tool category should be included in the top 10 list or perhaps expand the list to top 20 with a least one tool in that list. Just my observation. :-D
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Re: Top 10 Oblivion mods

Postby Jac » Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:15 pm

Feel free to start a top ten (or so) tools for Oblivion thread, Leo.
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Re: Top 10 Oblivion mods

Postby jaxawier » Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:50 am

in no order out of memory: (ok,had to check a bit ;)
mages guild portal tower
colourwheel imperial guards
spreading vampirism
aundae in cyrodil
sewer expansion
set essential actors
leons haircut
Companion resurrect
had to exlude a lot,among them clothing and armour-mods from apachii and colourwheel,basically grabs everything those comes up with.
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Re: Top 10 Oblivion mods

Postby Dragon Wench » Sat Dec 31, 2011 3:59 am

Having recently put together what appears to be a moderately successful install (translation: I am finally getting the hang of Wrye Bash, BOSS etc.) I figured I'd post some of the Oblivion mods I couldn't live without, in no particular order:

Dark Darnified UI: in one fell swoop gets rid of the horrible console port, allows for a nice minimalist interface and removes all of the "dummification."
Extended Cities series
Tamriel Travellers
Ambient Town Sounds
Slof's horse retextures
Enhanced Weather
Robert's bodies
OOO (or Fran's)

Tough list to put together.... I find Oblivion needs so many mods.. I also cheated slightly by putting Robert's bodies as a single entry, ditto for the extended cities :D
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Re: Top 10 Oblivion mods

Postby PiNK PiPER » Mon Mar 04, 2013 10:13 pm

:toetap: alright... alright... ALRIGHT ALREADY!!! Yes I admit it. I am guilty of thread necromancy. But seriously, this thread needs an update. There have been many super mods created since the Spring of 2011 so come on everyone, post your favourite mod. I don't think a top 10 is necessary just post your faves.

Also I thunk we could all agree that mods like hgec & roberts body don't really have to be posted. I mean come on. But don't let me stop you. It's not like "I" can do anything about it (I'LL KILL YOU :rant: )

So lets go crazy and update this a bit. Oh btw to whomever posted Plate Armor Plus - Womans Move Edition by nao4288 Thankxxx!

Companion Vilja; she's a must. The girl just makes me laugh and as far as role play and immersion is concerned it is way up there. I recommend using or as a home base so you can drop her off sometimes. Make sure you grab the extra voice files for these homes. Also I use all her other mods

Midas Magic Spells of Aurum by Xilver
Ya the spells are strong but you are suposed to be level 30 when starting it. It is a must have for me. Besides the quests are tough!

Everything by Brittainy
I use all of her mods and a her Lush and Gaudy Floriana Gloria has been completely overhauled. You won't believe your eyes. She has also updated her other mods. I love this woman. Nuff said.

Do I have to say or children annuad or BP, MBP++ races?

One of my must haves now is PLOM'S RACE OVERHAUL you can find it over at LL The Khajiits are beautiful and so are the female Orcs. The male ones... eeeeh not so much and the argonians take a while to get used to but I have learned to love them. THE OVERALL QUALITY IS AMAZING!

It is not a mod that I have kept but if you have never tried it you are missing out of some great laughs. It has been updated last summer to GOLD edition and if you are planning a reinstall then it is a perfect time to play it. Claudia s little secret The complete story by Grumpf_be Play it as vanilla as possible as the mod eats up all your ram. It does crash often but the story is funny and the cut scenes (although predictable) are a joy to watch. It is just so bloody well done. I laughed the whole way through XD

Some of the OBSE mods that i use. I'm too lazy to look fo r the rest of them;

sr_Oblivion_Stutter_Remover.dll Version:

I really like this mod. BT More Enemies but the link is not good. (I plan on making a Encyclopedia of links here soon and I have another link to this mod somewhere. I'll update it later) It adds in different monsters and creatures. Not all of them will attack you. Some are amzing to look at like; mushroom people, strange giant birds, giant worms and others that will attack like wolf packs, dark wolves, snakes, giant spiders, and much more. Oh ya and SHARKS! The mushroom people are so darn cute. They pop in and out of the ground and there are even BABY mushrooms XD
OK found the other site that has it. It is in german so but the mod has a english version although some names will be changed. Totally worth it; ... ugins.html

Maps of Cyrodiil because it just makes sense

Princess Sheogorath Palace ; this is a new one that adds extra rooms in SI Palace. It makes sense and it is so cool. If your in SI with followers then you'll like it. Lots of added rooms on the same floor for them to sleep in.

East Island Nirai-Kanai by aoringo This has been my fave place these days. I let all my followers just roam around. With Lush & Gaudy it is amazing. The script effects are awesome.


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