Possible solution for freezing

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Possible solution for freezing

Postby Dragon Wench » Mon Feb 20, 2012 2:53 am

I suspect this may be old news to many and that I am late to the party, as it were. But, after much frustration and extensive Google searching, I think I have finally found a solution to my game persistently freezing, and figured I'd share in the event it might help somebody.

I can deal with periodic CTDs, I save compulsively, so it usually is not an issue. However, I hate complete freezes where I end up having to reboot my computer to get out of the game... because I know that is not exactly good for my machine. The persistent freezing was frustrating too, because my computer is several years older than Oblivion with fairly decent specs (for its time), and though I have quite a lot of mods I've been careful to strike a balance between performance and visuals (plus I use Wrye Bash, BOSS, OBMM to keep things running smoothly). So, I began to suspect it was something beyond a mod or hardware issue...
I finally came upon some threads that informed me Oblivion (and Morrowind) is reliant on Windows Media Player codecs and that not having the correct codecs can cause precisely the type of freezing I was experiencing.
The recommendation was to reinstall Windows Media Player (making sure that it is configured to handle MP3 and WAV files) and also to install K-Lite Full. The trick with K-Lite Full, however, is that you have to blacklist FFDSHOW from associating with the game in both audio and video. This means that if you use the OBSE launcher, you need to blacklist that as well as the oblivion executive. I'm sure that sounds as complicated as Hell, but when you start looking at this stuff it begins to actually make sense. ;)
Anyway, after quite a long time of testing, I'm happy to report that my freezing issue appears to have vanished, so just wanted to pass that along in case anyone else still out there was having this problem and had not yet found a solution.

I was really sleepy last night when I posted this, and it occurs to me that I probably put it in the wrong place. Maybe it would be better in the other Oblivion section or perhaps one of the more tech-based forums?
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Re: Possible solution for freezing

Postby Leonardo » Fri May 25, 2012 9:28 am

Good information you got there. Thanks. :)
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