Retaining Darnified UI Settings ?

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Retaining Darnified UI Settings ?

Postby Dragon Wench » Sun Jan 01, 2012 4:28 pm

I like a nice minimalist interface with no extraneous (dummy) information, and dark darnified UI does a wonderful job of slaying all of these annoyances. However, when you adjust the settings ingame, they don't stick once you turn off Oblivion.

By altering the 0/1 values in the hudmainmenu_config I have already figured out how to permanently:
remove the compass frame
remove the weapon and magic icons
make the status bars so that autofade is the default
remove the location box

However, I have not yet been able to determine exactly which file I need to go into, or what I need to do, to permanently turn off the dummy messages (i.e your horse is stabled at, you have successfully harvested etc.) or the magic effects icon. If it is possible to edit these values as well I'd very much appreciate any instructions on how to do so.

If it can't be done, not a big deal, since I have already been able to tweak 5 settings... switching off the two remaining irritations only takes a few seconds. I'd just like to know if it is possible.
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Re: Retaining Darnified UI Settings ?

Postby jaxawier » Mon Jan 02, 2012 8:47 am

All config files are in "Data\menus\prefabs\darn". The in game settings are in hudmainmenu_config.xml, and the name of the setting to adjust is displayed in parenthesis at the end of the help text when hovering the setting in game.

In general, the files are named similarly to their core files with a "_config" at the end. The Map Menu is configured in map_config.xml, etc. All the new (1.3.0) options can be configured there. If you're installing via OBMM, the filenames and their config files are listed in the descriptions.

So,you need to edit xml-files as those mentioned above,for that notepad++ is one that at least open them,for the other stuff like xml some settings makes sense even for me,others not so much :?
Mind you,I donĀ“t use darnified exactly as it is,have ob xp too.
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