Sid Meiers Pirates - Changed nationalities of some Spanish c

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Sid Meiers Pirates - Changed nationalities of some Spanish c

Postby fleet » Sat Aug 29, 2020 1:33 pm


This mod changes the following cities from Spanish to Dutch.
St. Augustine
Villa Hermosa
Santa Catalina
It also makes the city of Coro available in all eras.
It allows you to run the game without needing a CD in your disk drive. (I did not design the no-CD fix), game version 1.02.

To use this mod you will probably need admin rights to the folder containing the pirates!.exe file.

Before installing the modified exe file, make a back-up copy of the original pirates!.exe file
To install the mod replace the pirates!.exe file with the modified file.
To uninstall the mod delete the modified pirate!.exe file and restore the back-up.

The mod will work on a newly started game. It does not affect a previously saved game.

Credit to
jlangsdo, corsair91 and pirate for prior work, advice and guidance.
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